Bites & Bits

Please allow 48 hours for preparation

Hatch Trio V GF upon request

Colorado’s famous hatch green chile prepared three ways

#1. Tortilla round with fire roasted corn salsa and green chile

#2. Green chile mousse stuffed cherry tomatoes

#3. Green chile jam and smoked tomato cream cheese on artisan crackers

Golden Beet Wafer V

Smoked golden beet with crème fraiche; Served on a sharp cheddar wafer

Farmstead Wafer V

Grilled apple with farro and rhubarb gastrique on a farmstead cheddar crisp

Candy Striper Crisp V

Heirloom beet chip with charred tomato and chile mousse

Lavender Haystack Crisp V

Lavender and local honey blended into haystack mountain goat cheese on a beet chip with smoked tomato concasse

Drunken Cherry Crostini V

Drunken Cherry Marmalade folded into haystack mountain goat cheese on a toasted crostini

Vegetable Mini Tartlet V

Ember roasted vegetables served on a mini tartlet


Smoked peanut butter banana and wild boar bacon open faced sandwich

Petite B.L.T

Sundried tomato and kurobuta bacon mousse with fried kale toast point

Veggie Taco Cups V GF

Seasoned black bean puree, fire roasted tomatoes, shredded lettuce, and avocado creama

Lemongrass Thai Chicken Wonton Cup

Grilled chicken tossed with sweet soy toasted cashews & cilantro; Served in a wonton cup

Curry Chicken Salad Wonton Cups

Red bird chicken marinated in Middle Eastern spices. Tossed with toasted cashews and veggies; Served in a wonton cup

Nashville Chicken Bites

with bread and butter pickles; Paired with house made hot sauce

Chimayo Dusted Bison Bites GF

with a peach gastrique

Pork Green Chile and Polenta Bites

Served with grated cojita cheese

Bison Meatloaf Bites

with tomato and bacon jam on mini toast

Smoked Tomato and Kurobuta Bacon Arancini

Grilled Yam and Farmstead Cheddar Arancini

Lamb and Parsnip Turnover

with charred carrot coulis

Southern Cast Iron Cakes

Creamed corn cast iron cakes with jalapeno bacon

Wild Boar and Charred Carrot Ravioli

with cherry lamb stock reduction

Petite Banh Mi

Vietnamese style marinated pork shoulder thinly sliced paired with pickled veggies and thinly sliced cabbage on crunchy French bread

Fillipino Pork Buns

Open face steamed buns with spicy and sweet marinated pork shoulder; Topped with spicy cucumbers and pickled red onions

El Pastor Taquitos GF

Slow roasted achiote pork & grilled pineapples rolled into corn tortilla; Served with cilantro creama

Bison Shepard’s Pie Croquette

Ground bison, charred carrots, and cheddar mashed potatoes rolled into bite size pieces. Lightly breaded and fried to golden brown

Wild Boar Bacon Mac N Cheese Cups

Jalapeno wild boar bacon and macaroni cups

Hunter’s Pasty

Duck confit, yam, and local goat cheese in a buttery pasty

Smoked Bison Meatballs GF

with spicy arrabita and farmstead cheddar

Wild Boar Meatballs GF

with peach bourbon BBQ

Red Bird Chicken Meatballs GF

with hazel dell mushroom and rosemary alfredo

Szechwan Pork Meatballs GF

with pineapple sriracha glaze

Bison Chile Skewers GF

Fire roasted pueblo chile wrapped bison tender tips

Chimayo Lime Chicken Skewers GF

with a pueblo peach dipping sauce

Passilla Chicken Skewers GF

with cilantro lime creama; Topped with crumbled cojita cheese

Chicken & Waffle Skewers

Red bird chicken and blue corn waffles; Drizzled with Chipotle agave syrup

La Queirca Skewers GF

La queirca prosciutto wrapped melon

Pork Belly Skewers

  • Pork belly with hatch chile and peach marmalade GF
  • Pork belly with smoked tomato mousse candied fresno GF
  • Pork belly with maple and black pepper reduction GF
  • Pork Belly with bread & butter pickle & choke cherry jam GF
  • Pork Belly with Brussel Sprout GF

Smoked wings with your choice of sauce GF

  • Pasilla Hot Saucesmoky & tangy – made with homemade Pasilla hot sauce
  • Blackberry Bourbon BBQ – sweet Carolina style sauce – made with blackberries deglazed in local bourbon
  • Peach Pueblo Chile Glaze tart & fiery – made with local peaches, peppers, and amber agave
  • Chimayo Choke Cherry Glaze smoky and earthy – made with local cherries and peppers

Jalapeno Bacon and Farmstead Cheddar GF

Local jalapeno smoked bacon folded with a sharp white cheddar cheese

Classic with Smoked Paprika V GF

Classic mustard base with a little kick from lightly smoked Spanish spice

Smoked Tomato and Green Chile V GF

House smoked organic Roma tomatoes and fire roasted pueblo green chiles

Golden Tomato and Bacon Jam GF

A classic jam made from local bacon and oven roasted golden tomatoes